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What’s the cost/benefit of each operation

Everything we are doing here requires effort. And if that effort belongs to a single person or multiple is part of the discourse we need to have. With a single person there is no problem in regards to how everything is done. It is rote, and it seems beneficial to do things in that manner. […]

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Day Two Thousand and Counting

With over over 2,000 days of full-time labor at this endeavor, we’ve barely made a note of our achievements. From here on, this site will be dedicated to a semi-private blog of what we have done, what we are doing, and where we’re headed. Although public, this posts would be impossible to find with the […]

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Ebb and Flow

Seeding is a permanent solution for a temporary anomaly. By generating bids over an incremental time frame, traffic can flow for a reasonable cost. We turn the available traffic into revenue through¬†advertising partners. Right now we are seeding manually, and it has proved efficient to a point. We additionally should be seeding overnight with automation, […]

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