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Domains have been a brilliant starting point for so long and .com has really taken hold as the key to any lasting permanence on the internet. However, as previously discussed, domains in general are placeholders for native publishers and while the best domains have intrinsic value, they are not the best ROI for native hives.

Expanding on this 2 years later, it seems that even this idea of permanence is losing traction. More marketing funds are moving towards higher quality domains in the com space, and gtlds really have failed except for a few minor super-premium keyword hacks, making .com even more desired. However this isn’t what we require or even should consider for more than a few mere resale values. Holding a domain means that it can be transferred, and therefor its value can be assessed, assayed and acquired via sale. But does a blank space on someone else’s network have the same potentiality and saleable resource for another party?