Read the board, dummy!

What’s the cost/benefit of each operation

Read the board, dummy!

Everything we are doing here requires effort. And if that effort belongs to a single person or multiple is part of the discourse we need to have. With a single person there is no problem in regards to how everything is done. It is rote, and it seems beneficial to do things in that manner. Adding multiple persons means that there must be someone in charge of distributing tasks, and finding the best persons for each of those tasks, making sure that things are moving along efficiently, or at least more efficiently than if just the single person were doing them.


So let’s add up the cost of running a content distribution network for dummies. Each of the following must be performed in more or less this order:

Find a niche to market
Buy articles for the niche
Publish the articles, with images, on a site
Submit the site to publishers
Find articles that seed well
Determine profitability margin
Push with methods
Create variations on articles
Push until termination

So, can we farm out:
Niche/Title creators (10 x 10 = $100)
Article writers (10 x 30 = $300)
WP publishers with images (10 x 10 = $100)
Site submission guru (10 x 100= $100)
Seeding, margin, etc = overseer