Day Two Thousand and Counting

Unemployed Workers outside 28th Street and 7th avenue NYC during the Great Depression

We are over 80 years and 20 blocks displaced from this photo

With over over 2,000 days of full-time labor at this endeavor, we’ve barely made a note of our achievements. From here on, this site will be dedicated to a semi-private blog of what we have done, what we are doing, and where we’re headed. Although public, this posts would be impossible to find with the massive amount of content online. It further seems unlikely that we would promote our story while we are still telling it.¬†What follows right now are the notes to be made for to-day, as we are engaged with our content providers.

Back to attempting to seed multiple instances at once, on this Friday, August 25th 2017, utilizing a myriad of methods on Outbrain.


  • First push, .55 with full options open
  • Set state value after traffic
  • Inch values upward after tick terminates
  • Set country after mark 30 and tick start


  • Second push, with state set
  • same further rules as A


  • Third push with country set
  • same further rules as A


  • Fourth push same as A



Issues we encounter include:

Uneven traffic flow between different campaigns
Proper timing sequence for changes
Monitoring multiple at once
Confirming good vs bad sequences
Need more seeds, more often, across more content