What populates well, ends well

Today I had a chat with my friend about seeding. One of the important factors to consider is the manner in which categories impact traffic. Publishing 20 articles on various subjects tends to cause confusion in the seeding process, depending on the provider. For our current vendor, we really need to keep categories for a each site to one general area. In this case, it is because as our content gets dispersed across the publisher networks, its strength is in some way determined by each category that each campaign provides. So for instance, if we have a campaign with 10 articles comprised of 5 different categories, then each of those types are segregated such that each set of two articles in a topic are all the publisher of that topic will see. However, if we have 5 articles, all of the same category, the publisher network will see all in a single feed, increasing the odds of good disbursement. With this single source spray, we allow the fruit of high click through rate to float to the top, and if we’re lucky enough, there will be relevance for the reader and the advertising partners, resulting in massive traffic.