Ebb and Flow

Seeding is a permanent solution for a temporary anomaly. By generating bids over an incremental time frame, traffic can flow for a reasonable cost. We turn the available traffic into revenue through advertising partners.

Right now we are seeding manually, and it has proved efficient to a point. We additionally should be seeding overnight with automation, because we are unwilling to hire persons to do the work for us after-hours, yet the income from such a venture is certain to be worthy of its effort.

Just now I recall that I have a friend who might be available to perform this duty for a few hours per evening. Even though it would be a small window, it could have profitable impact. We would need a formula for such an intervention. If it can generate an extra 3 then perhaps we would payout a half. Net to us would be 2.5 minus a half is 2. So while that adds up we don’t have to worry about having a budget blown by a seed error in automation.

Or perhaps auto is better. Once set properly there is no limit to the number of times per day it can run or the rev it can generate. By freeing up its master though we create a dilemma of what to do with the extra time. Perhaps we can write more.

This is not rocket science. This is a choice. Then it is an action. Then it is a process.

Today we choose automation. We fear pain from our own potential mistakes but let us take it a single step at a time and report our progress.