Delta five Echo this is Foxtrot niner Actual

Delta five Echo this is Foxtrot niner Actual

First you click the red button. Then you click the green button, then you click something else. Easy enough if you don’t obliterate yourself by overthinking. Assume a linear problem in a flow chart. Follow the lines to the triangles and squares and make it work. At least test and test and test without any impact then migrate towards performed action with monitoring, then onto automation. Work it out step by step don’t draw a conclusion. Eventually you will arrive at it.

Don’t jump into the problems we are facing with traffic, rpm, rev or anything else. Just get this portion of the problem started.

The next seed will start the macro, the one after we test.

Okay it’s been set on the new campaign let’s see the automated results next hour.

Ebb and Flow

Ebb and Flow

Seeding is a permanent solution for a temporary anomaly. By generating bids over an incremental time frame, traffic can flow for a reasonable cost. We turn the available traffic into revenue through advertising partners.

Right now we are seeding manually, and it has proved efficient to a point. We additionally should be seeding overnight with automation, because we are unwilling to hire persons to do the work for us after-hours, yet the income from such a venture is certain to be worthy of its effort.

Just now I recall that I have a friend who might be available to perform this duty for a few hours per evening. Even though it would be a small window, it could have profitable impact. We would need a formula for such an intervention. If it can generate an extra 3 then perhaps we would payout a half. Net to us would be 2.5 minus a half is 2. So while that adds up we don’t have to worry about having a budget blown by a seed error in automation.

Or perhaps auto is better. Once set properly there is no limit to the number of times per day it can run or the rev it can generate. By freeing up its master though we create a dilemma of what to do with the extra time. Perhaps we can write more.

This is not rocket science. This is a choice. Then it is an action. Then it is a process.

Today we choose automation. We fear pain from our own potential mistakes but let us take it a single step at a time and report our progress.

Now onto the fun stuff

Now onto the fun stuff

Who’s fun? I am not fun. I can barely stand, how could someone like that pretend to be fun.

No, I am just simply undirectional. Not uni-directional, un-directional. That is the direction in which I am facing but did not accelerate myself to be in. I am pointed in the nudge direction, but that particular field does not have a vector. We say to ourselves that we know what our role is, what our ambitions are, what our daily routine should be, but we are not pressing forward. This averageness is acceptable for a time, but now that all is operational, we need to delineate more.

There should not be shuffling about, beating around the bush, taking your time, waiting for instructions, enduring change, operating procedure, theatrical nonsense, troubling developments, hesitant approaches, backwards glances.

That’s more rambling you see. You are not talking about anything. We could hire a five year old to do that and not even pay them. Then you would have the ultimate blog. Thousands of five year-olds chatting away, dictation software converting their spoken words to text, and filling the pages with endless discussion of incrementally empty concern.

Or perhaps you could do what you set out to do. Take all these sites and keep building them, seeding them, creating pages and links and people and interest and traffic and income. All the accounts are there. All the ways to get paid and all the ways to pay.




Penny for your thoughts, dear reader

Penny for your thoughts, dear reader

Actually I won’t even give you a penny. I doubt any of this will make sense to anyone. If it actual does one day, then we should probably kill them.

You reader, are first on the list.

Now onto the irrelevant stuff.

  1. You shall not read.
  2. You shall not remember.
  3. You shall not reveal.
  4. You shall not return.

Now that we got that settled, please go away.


Why this exists

Why this exists

Because we do not write anything down
Because we need to write some things down
Because there is no reason for privacy of these thoughts
Because there is nothing we haven’t said before we are just repeating ourselves anyway
Because repeating yourself is a great way to reinforce specific values which could only be attained through the practice that you began when you started and upon finishing find that you are simply not over yet and in fact you really just have to do it every day like some kind of slave to tooth brushing or washing your rump.
Because yellow is a color we use to describe the sun but if you look at it the color starts nearer to white and quickly turns to black and then
over the course of a minute or two burns your retina permanently.

I think that’s enough of that. Let’s move on.